The year of 2022 saw skyrocketing inflation, with the cost of essentials like utilities, gas, and food on the rise, unemployment for some, and increasing hardship on those already struggling to provide for the daily needs of their families. Yet, the mission of Blankets of Blessing remained the same: To provide children from our local community with his or her very own blanket and other essential items (pjs, socks, hats & mittens, warm jacket) as an expression of the importance, value, and worth of their individual lives.

Each year I like to take time to reflect on the “Why’s” of Blankets of Blessing and look back on the “How’s.” 

Here are just a very few of the many reasons WHY we do what we do:

  • The little girl quietly enjoying her Christmas cookie – happy with just one cookie!

  • An unemployed dad whose son’s birthday was just after Christmas—his son wanted a new bike and, they received a bike through the gift drawings.

  • A little 2-year-old boy who, this year, received a brand-new balance bike and really wanted to show it to Santa (which he did 😊).

  • A mom who said, “It (the outreach) was absolutely amazing! We got a gift card for $200 and our son got a bike!”

  • One mom, who took time this year to email and simply say, “I wanted to say thank you so much for my kids Christmas gifts. They loved everything. I loved the Christmas party. It was amazing. Thank you so much.”

Bottom line, the WHY is always the children and their families.

Before each Blankets of Blessing Celebration. I always ponder the HOW and each year the HOW becomes apparent: 

  • Two sisters in California, 7 and 9, along with their close friends who did a lemonade stand for Blankets of Blessing raising over $400! 
  • A 10 year-old who instead of receiving birthday gifts from her friends, received gifts for the older siblings of the children we serve attending this year’s event.
  • Local businesses (Berkshire Dental since 2019 and The Nutrition Spot BA) who organized toy drives so the children who attended this year’s event would each receive a quality toy.
  • A group of men who unexpectedly offered to build the many scooters & bikes that needed to be built for the drawings.
  • The over 60 volunteers (middle school aged to 87) including a photographer, who joyfully served the children & their families.

Every smile, every act of kindness, and every interaction with the families we served resulted in a life-changing moment in the lives of the children and wonderful families we honored this year! Thank you!

My heart is so filled with gratitude on behalf of the kids we served this year—many who have kid-sized dreams in their hearts. Whatever your part in making this year’s event the success it was, know that you truly made a difference.  Several years ago one of our volunteers from a local business stood with tears in his eyes as the drawings were taking place and quietly shared with me, “When my brother and I were very young, my parents did not have money to give us Christmas gifts. I remember a man coming to my dad and offering to give him money for gifts. My dad, being proud, rejected his offer initially, but the man responded by saying, This isn’t for you, it is for your sons.” My dad received what was offered. I will never forget that Christmas.” As this young man watched the children and parents receiving gifts, it touched a deep part of his heart. Blankets of Blessing is touching lives in many ways we may never know, but I want you to know, whatever your contribution, you are making a tremendous impact. Thank you. We are so grateful!

Linda Noble and the Blankets of Blessing Team